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o u r  p r o m i s e  t o  y o u

the health, wellness & safety of our clients
is our #1 priority...

Our sanitation practices raise the bar on standards in health and hygiene for waxing.

We set the bar high! No double dipping, strict sanitation protocols, contraindication checks, gloves, hygiene wipes, hospital grade sanitation - no detail has been overlooked. We make sure every wax session is the most safe and hygienic. The health and wellness of our clients is our #1 priority.

We want you to feel comfortable and informed. Our procedures, processes, client care, consultation and customization of your waxing and aftercare are all part of the Into Skin experience.


We have a professional bedside manner, and know how to help you relax and even have a laugh during your waxing services, because we know last the thing you want is uncomfortable or awkward silence!


We have complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions as well as Pre & Post-Waxing Information to help guide you through your waxing journey!

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