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Jessica Barber
Owner of Into Skin
Licensed Esthetician

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Kristin Neely
Owner of Into Skin
Licensed Esthetician

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This may come as a surprise but I used to hate my skin.

I struggled with acne into my mid 20's. After being on countless medications and seeing multiple doctors, I finally reached out to an Esthetician based on a friend's recommendation.

So grateful that I did as she changed my life!

My confidence was renewed, skin was clear and my passion for skincare had begun. So much so that I quit my career and went back to school at age 30! I wanted to make people love their skin again, just like my Esthetician helped me to do. I graduated from the prestigious Von Lee International School of Aesthetics with a solid foundation and understand of the science of skin, the whole body connection of skin health and skin histology. I fondly refer to myself as a skincare nerd and love educating clients in the treatment room.

I truly enjoy helping my clients achieve far more than they were hoping for with their skin. Seeing client's smile when they see their skin is the best feeling in the world!

Kristin is a trusted and leading Aesthetician in the DMV area with over 17 years of experience in the skincare industry. Kristin attended the Von Lee International School of Aesthetics, where she was trained by the owner and pioneer of the industry, Ms. Carol Walderman. After graduating from Von Lee, Kristin worked for over ten years in a spa setting, helping clients to achieve results while maintaining a relaxing environment. Ready for more, Kristin decided to advance her career into the plastic surgery side of aesthetics, where she learned how to take her client's treatments to the next level using advanced procedures. From her experience in a spa/medical setting to continuing education, Kristin is committed to learning the latest in skincare to enhance her client's results. Kristin is passionate and dedicated to helping her clients feel confident and comfortable in their skin. Her knowledge, experience, and professionalism ensure client satisfaction every time.

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Stacy Riley
Licensed Esthetician
Lead Wax Specialist
Specializing in Full Body Waxing, 
Brow & Lash Enhancements,
& Hydrafacials

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Stacy has been in the business of esthetics, specializing in full body waxing for over 5 years. Once a top-secret clearance holder and federal government employee, Stacy discovered her passion in waxing by accident. After becoming a mom, she started by trying to wax herself, then realizing its was easier said then done, she began seeing a licensed esthetician for her wax services, then the idea came!  A start to a new beginning, Stacy enrolled in a private school setting for Esthetics in Arnold, Maryland. Her new passion and  career in waxing and skin then took off! This business has truly changed Stacy’s life, along with the thousands of clients she’s served over the years. She believes that being in the service industry is such a gift and to see and feel the clients mood and energy lifted after self care service is where the magic begins!

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